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Sisco Research

Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

SRL was established in the year 1975 to meet the growing demand of Research Chemicals in India and neighbouring countries. Under leadership of Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. S.K. Agarwal, the Company has completed more than 4 decades of manufacturing highly complex and international quality Reagents & Biochemicals in India. at a time when no other Indian company had the know-how or the technical expertise to perform the complex reactions required for manufacturing very high purity biochemicals. Today the Company manufactures and markets a product range of about 3500 products in different grades, product segments and and various standard packing sizes. SRL also offer these sophisticated and high purity chemicals in bulk and semi-bulk packs to the R&D and production units of various industries, universities & research institutions for their larger requirements.

SRL products are classified mainly in 5 categories,

1. General Laboratory Chemicals & Solvents

2. Bioreagents, Biochemicals & Specialty Fine Chemicals

3. Nanotechnology Products

4. Dehydrated Culture Media, Biological Ingredients, Media Supplements, Chromogenic Media & Media Kits

5. BioLit range of DNA and Protein tools

SRL is ISO, FDA, GMP & CE certified for our Management Systems and Product Range for use in the R&D and manufacture of Analytical Quality Control, Research, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic Kits & Vaccines.